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Weezer – Dont Let Go

INTRO- D G D G Ooo oh oh D G Ooo oh oh D Any time that you want G I’ll be here in your arms D G Silently holding on to the girl with the charms F# B But if there comes a day E A You should turn your heart away F# B • Read More »

Weezer – Butterfly

Verse 1: G Em C Yesterday I went outside D? G With my Mother’s Mason jar Em C * Caught a lovely butterfly G Em C When I woke up today D? G Looked in on my fairy pet Em C * She had withered all away D7 No more sighing in her breast Chorus: • Read More »

Weezer – Keep Fishin

Verse: A D You’ll never be a better kind A D If you don’t leave the world behind B E Waste my days B E Drown aways Chorus: A F#m It’s just the thought of you D B E In love with someone else A F#m It breaks my heart to see D B E • Read More »