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Vertical Horizon – Forever

INTRO D, G (4x) VERSE 1 (VERSE RIFF) G D A Take these roses off of me G D A Let me live, let me be… for a little while G D A G Let my eyes, See everything and nothing in their time D A I do not mind G D A Who’d have • Read More »

Vertical Horizon – When You Cry

INTRO VERSE RIFF (2x) VERSE 1 (VERSE RIFF) Heaven knows that you’re with me now Heaven knows that you’re here I feel your breath all around me now And all the pain disappears PRE-CHORUS 1 D It goes away, it goes away CHORUS G Am7 G/B Cadd9 And it only hurts, when you cry G • Read More »

Vertical Horizon – Finding Me

Intro: G—Em7—(2x) G I don’t think you notice when you see my face Em7 I guess you’re waiting to spin me around again G Wheels I guess are turning somewhere inside my head Em7 I know that this is deeper than you get Am C2 But you’re coming back again G D/F# You don’t mean • Read More »

Vertical Horizon – Everything You Want

VERSE 1 Am Em G Cadd9 Somewhere they’re speaking, it’s already coming in, Am G Cadd9 oh and it’s rising, in the back of your mind. Am Em G Cadd9 You never could get it, unless you were fed it Am G Cadd9 and now you’re here and you don’t know why Am Em G • Read More »

Vertical Horizon – Im Still Here

VERSE 1 (W/ VERSE RIFF) D A G I found the pieces in my hand D A G They were always there It just took some time for me to understand D A G You gave me words I just can’t say D A G So if nothing else I’ll just hold on while you • Read More »