Sule – Smile You Don’t Cry

[Video] Smile You Don't Cry - Sule feat Andre Taulani (Official Lyric Video)


G                        C
You want to say goodbye
D                 G
I want to holiday
Em                Am
I give you food capcay
C                      D
After dont cry
G                        C
Try you look at the sky
D                    G
Nothing to puyunghay
Em             Am
I want to you cingcay
C                                  G
Don’t finish I ngacay
bridge :
E                                      Am
I want you and me, always together
E                                  Am
Always together, I want you and me
F                                                                G
You don’t running, me and the cry….
Reff :
For you…. I and the sky
C                                                                                                G
Nothing the wind of change, because I love you so much
Oh.. my love beibeh,Oh.. my darling…
I Never stoping love you beibeh,because..
Too I love you…
F             G                 C
Smile, you don’t cry… 3x
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