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Radiohead – Bullet Proof

Intro: Am Cmaj7 Bm D Am Cmaj7 Bm D D Verse: Am Cmaj7 Bm D Limb by limb and tooth by tooth, tearing up inside of me. Am Cmaj7 Bm D D Everyday, everyhour, wish that I… was bullet proof. Am Cmaj7 Bm D Am Cmaj7 Bm D Wax me, mould me, heat the pins • Read More »

Radiohead – Faithless The Wonder Boy

D G A D I’ve had these jeans since i was born D G A D And now they’re ripped And now they’re torn D G A Em G And all my friends have skateboards D G A D I want the toys of other boys D G A D I want a knife and • Read More »

Radiohead – Creep

G When you were here before B Couldn’t look you in the eyes C You look like an angel Cm Your skin makes me cry G You float like a feather B In a beautiful weather C I wish I was special Cm You’re so fucking special Chorus: G But I’m a creep B I’m • Read More »