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Norah Jones – Come Away With Me

C Am7 C Am7 Come away with me in the night C Am7 Come away with me Em F(add9) C Am7 And I will write you a song C Am7 C Am7 Come away with me on a bus C Am7 Em F(add9) Come away where they can’t tempt us C With their lies G • Read More »

Norah Jones – Dont Know Why

Gmaj7 G7 Cmaj7 B+ Em7 A7 `D7sus4 G I wait – ed til__ I saw the sun.__ I don’t know why___ I did – n’t come Gmaj7 G7 Cmaj7 B+ Em7 A7 D7sus4 G I left you by__ the house of fun. I don’t know why__ I did – n’t come. Emaj7 A7 D7sus4 G • Read More »

Norah Jones – Were All In This Together

Intro: G B7 C G Em D C Verse 1: G B7 C G Well my friends, well I see your face so clearly Em D Little bit tired, little worn through the years G B7 C G You sound nervous, you seem alone Em D C I hardly recognize your voice on the telephone • Read More »

Norah Jones – Those Sweet Words

Intro: B (Bmaj7 E B) x2 E-B G#m E-B B Bmaj7 E B Bmaj7 E What did you say I know I saw you saying it my ears won´t stop B E – B G#m E – B stop ringing long enough to hear those sweet words what did you say B Bmaj7 E B • Read More »

Norah Jones – Something Is Calling

Intro: (E-D#m-B) x5 E-D#m-B E – D#m – B don’t tell them they’ll only drink your tears E-D#m-B (E- D#m- B) x2 don’t do it not in a hundred years E-D#m-B E-D#m-B you know it you feel it I do too just listen E-D#m-B (E- D#m -B) x6 something is calling you E-D#m-B E-D#m- B • Read More »

Norah Jones – What Am I To You

G C Em What am I to you? Am Tell me darlin’ true Am F To me you are the sea Em Vast as you can be C And deep the shade of blue G C Em When youre feelin low, Am To whom else do you go Am F I’d cry if you hurt • Read More »