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M2m – Mirror Mirror

Intro (Vocal Backround): Am Mirror mirror lie to me Em Show me where I wanna see Am Mirror mirror lie to me Em Yeah… Verse 1: Am Em Why don’t I like the girl I see Am Em The one who’s standing right in front of me Am Em Why don’t I think before I • Read More »

M2m – Everything You Do

Intro: E-B-C#m-A (4X) Verse 1: B C#m From the moment you looked at me A B And ever since you called my name C#m You’ve been everything that I’ve seen A B And now I’m caught up in this game Bridge 1: A B My mind is spinning round and around E B C#m There’s • Read More »

M2m – Pretty Boy

INTRO Cadd9…Cadd9… Am… *G*… ->VERSE Cadd9 Cadd9… I lie awake at night Am Am… See things in black and white F G I’ve only got you inside my mind Dm *G* You know you have made me blind ->VERSE Cadd9 Cadd9… I lie awake and pray Am Am… That you will look my way F • Read More »

M2m – The Day You Went Away

[INTRO} Am G F E [VERSE] Am G Well I wonder could it be F When I was dreaming ’bout you baby G You were dreaming of me Am G Call me crazy, call me blind F Dm E To still be suffering is stupid after all of this time [BRIDGE] C G Am Did • Read More »