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Lifehouse – Hanging By A Moment

First Verse: Pick the Dsus2 chord, making sure to let the low D ring. Occasionally hammer on the 2nd and 3rd fret fingerings for the D and Dsus4 chords. Dsus2 Desperate for changing Starving for truth D I’m closer to where i started Chasing after you Chorus 1: for this chorus continue the picking pattern • Read More »

Lifehouse – Breathing

Intro: Em-D-C(add9)-D V1: Em D Cadd9 D I’m finding my way back to s–anity again, Em Though i don’t really know, D Cadd9 What i am g–onna do, when i get there, D Em D Take a breath and hold on tight, Cadd9 D Spin round 1 more time, Em D cadd9 (Keep strumming) <–Listen • Read More »

Lifehouse – Better Luck Next Time

G D Sometimes we fall G D Ain’t nothing new to me G D Don’t care move on E F# I’m a son you gave up for this child, NOW G A Stop tell me where you going D Em G Maybe the one you love isn’t there A D You’re going under F# G • Read More »

Lifehouse – Good Enough

Verse 1 G G9 It seems the more we talk Gsus4 G The less I have to say Em7 Cadd9 Let’s put our differences aside G G9 I wanted to make you proud Gsus4 G But I just got in your way Em7 Cadd9 I found a place that I can hide Pre-Chorus D Now • Read More »

Lifehouse – Take Me Away

Intro / Verse / Chorus | E | B | C#m | F# – A | Verse One: E This time B C#m What I want is you F# A E There is no one else B C#m F# A Who can take your place E This time B C#m You brought me with your • Read More »