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Keane – Cant Stop Now

INTRO F Am Bbmaj7 Bm7(b5) Dm C F Bbmaj7 Gm C Dm Bb Eb F I noticed tonight that the world has been turning Dm Am Bb F While I’ve been stuck here dithering around Dm Bb Eb F Well I know I said I’d wait around till you need me Dm Am Bb C • Read More »

Keane – Everybodys Changing

Intro: G Gmaj7 G Gmaj7 G C You say you wander your own land Am But when I think about it D G Gmaj7 G Gmaj7 I don’t see how you can G You’re aching, you’re breaking C And I can see the pain in your eyes Am Says everybody’s changing D G Gmaj7 G • Read More »

Keane – This Is The Last Time

G D This is the last time C G That I will say these words G D I remember the first time C G The first of many lies G D Sweep it into the corner C G Or hide it under the bed G D Say these things they go away C G But • Read More »

Keane – Somewhere Only We Know

Intro A C#m Bm E x2 A C#m I walked across an empty land Bm E I knew the pathway like the back of my hand A C#m I felt the earth beneath my feet Bm E Sat by the river and it made me complete F#m C#m Oh simple thing where have you gone • Read More »