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Jewel – Fragile Heart

Intro: D-A/C#-Em-Em7 D A If u want my heart Em Em7 D U have 2 promise not 2 tear it apart A ‘Cause my heart Em Em7 Has been hurt a lot D A And it always seems Em Em7 D Love is not sweet, like in dreams A Something falls through Em Em7 D • Read More »

Jewel – Intuition

INTRO: E5-G5-A5-D5-D Em I’m just a simple girl G In a high-tech digital world Am I really try 2 understand D5 D All the powers that rule this land Em They say Ms. J’s big butt is boss G Kate Moss can’t find a job Am In a world of postmodern fad D What was • Read More »

Jewel – Am I Standing Still

INTRO: Bm A D (x2) VERSE: Bm A D Cutting through the darkest night are my two headlights Bm A D Trying to keep it clear but I’m losing it here to the twilight Bm A D There’s a dead end to my left, there’s a burning bush to my right Bm A D You • Read More »