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Jennifer Lopez – Alive

Instrumental (Intro): Bb,Gm,Eb,Fsus4,F (x2) VERSE CHORDS Bb Time Gmadd9 Goes Eb Slowly now F F7 In my life Bb Fear Gmadd9 No more Eb Of what I’m F F7 Not sure Brige Eb Searching to feel your soul Eb7 The strength to stand alone B The power of not knowing Fsus4 F And letting go • Read More »

Jennifer Lopez – Baby I Love U

Verse Chords A Em7 boy i never knew i could feel the way i felt when i felt the way A you were feeling me baby Em7 i’m so out of control, yeah A Em7 everytime you look my way i realize more and more A Em7 how much i adore those pretty eyes of • Read More »