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Kunci Kord Gitar Hoobastank – Crawling in the Dark Chord

Musik di dunia sangat kaya. Ada musik pop, jazz, dangdut, rock. Musik berasal dari lantunan piano, gitar, drum. Berbicara mengenai gitar. Gitar menjadi salah satu alat musik yang paling mudah dikuasai. Di sini akan membicarakan Hoobastank. Bagi yang tertarik dengan lagunya dapat mencoba menyanyikan Crawling in the Dark. Bisa di rumah, sekolah, atau di studio • Read More »

Hoobastank – Disappear

Intro: D F C F C D Dsus D F There’s a pain that sleeps inside C F It sleeps with just one eye C D Dsus And awakens the moment that you’re near D F Though I try to look away C F The pain it still remains C D Dsus Only leaving when • Read More »

Hoobastank – Crawling In The Dark

Em C D Em I will dedicate and sacrifice my every C D C D Thing for just a second’s worth of how my story’s ending Em C D Em C And I wish I could know if the directions that I take D C D And all the choices that I make won’t end • Read More »

Hoobastank – The Reason

Intro: E Verse 1: E C#m I’m not a perfect person E There are many things I wish I didn’t do C#m But I continue learning A I never meant to do those things to you B and so I have to say before I go E2 that I just want you to know Chorus • Read More »