Green Day – Minority

[Video] Green Day - Minority (Video)


The intro and outro is C G F C C G
C       F      G     F
I wanna be the minority,
C       F         G      F
I don't need your authority,
Down with the moral majority
‘cause I want to be the minority
NOTE: During the verse there is an acoustic playing C G F C (open) somewhere in the background.
I pledge allegiance to the underworld,
One nation under dog,
There of which I stand alone,
A face in the crowd,
Unsung, against the mold,
Without a doubt,
Singled out,
The only way I know,
A           E      F   C
Stepped out of the line,
A                 A#       F   G
Like a sheep runs from the herd,
A        E      F   C
Marching out of time,
A         F    G (palm mute - the pattern's easy, you can figure it out)
To my own beat now,
The only way I know,
*Bridge: (Instrumental)
One light, one mind,
Flashing in the dark,
Blinded by the silence of a thousand broken hearts,
For crying out loud she screamed unto me,
A free for all,
Fuck ‘em all,
Fou are you own sight,