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Cranberries – Ridiculous Thoughts

1st VERSE ========== Am C G Twister oh does anyone see through you Am C G You’re a twister oh, an animal Am C But you’re happy now G I didn’t go along with you Am C G So happy now Am C G But you’re going to have to hold on hold on Am • Read More »

Cranberries – Just My Imagination

Intro: A# F Cm Gm F A# F There was a game we used to play Cm We would hit the town on Friday night Gm F Stay in bed until Sunday A# F We used to be so free Cm We were living for the love we had Gm F Living not for reality • Read More »

Cranberries – Linger

D if you if you could return A don’t let it burn don’t let it fade C i’m sure i won’t be rude but it’s just your attitude G it’s tearing me apart it’s ruining everyday. I also like to alternate A and A6 between measures to add some variety to it. I swore, I • Read More »

Cranberries – Analyse

Intro: E A E A E Close your eyes, close your eyes A Breath the air out there F#m E We are free, we can be wide open E For you opened my eyes A To the beauty I see F#m E We will pray, we will stay wide open E Don’t analyse, don’t analyse • Read More »