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Christina Aguilera – Genie In A Bottle

[Verse 1] (Em D C D) I feel like I’ve been locked up tight For a century of lonely nights Waiting for someone To release me You’re lickin’ your lips and blowin’ kisses my way But that don’t mean I’m gonna give it away Baby, Baby, Baby (baby, baby, baby) [Pre Chorus] (Em D C) • Read More »

Christina Aguilera – Beautiful

Intro: Eb Ebsus4 Eb7 Eb7sus4 Cm G#m C#7 x2 Verse: Eb Ebsus4 Eb7 Every day, is so wonderful Eb7sus4 Cm G#m C#7 And suddenly, it’s hard to breathe Eb Ebsus4 Eb7 Now and then, I get insecure Eb7sus4 Cm G#m C#7 From all the pain, I’m so ashamed Chorus: G# Fm I am beautiful, no • Read More »

Kunci Kord Gitar Christina Aguilera – Beautiful Chord

Musik di dunia sangat kaya. Ada musik pop, jazz, dangdut, rock. Musik berasal dari lantunan piano, gitar, drum. Berbicara mengenai gitar. Gitar menjadi salah satu alat musik yang paling mudah dikuasai. Di sini akan membicarakan Christina Aguilera. Bagi yang tertarik dengan lagunya dapat mencoba menyanyikan Beautiful. Bisa di rumah, sekolah, atau di studio musik. Lagu • Read More »

Christina Aguilera – Im Ok

Bm Bm/A Gmaj7 F#7sus Once upon a time there was a girl. Bm Bm/A Gmaj7 F#7sus In her early years she had to learn Bm Bm/A Gmaj7 F#7sus How to grow up living in a war that she called home Bm Bm/A Gamj7 F#7sus Never knew just where to turn for shelter from the storm • Read More »

Christina Aguilera – Fighter

E5 /G5 D5 /F5 E5 I thought I knew you thinking that you were true… I guess E5 /G5 D5 /F5 E5 I couldn’t trust called your bluff time us up ’cause I’ve had e- nough… you were E5 /G5 D5 /F5 E5 There by my side always down for the ride… but your E5 • Read More »

Christina Aguilera – Reflection

F Look at me Dm7 You may think you see Gm Who I really am F/C C7 But you’ll never know me F Every day Dm7 Eb7 It’s as if I play a part Ab Now I see Fm If I wear a mask Bbm7 I can fool the world Dbm6/9 Ab But I cannot • Read More »