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Audioslave – Doesnt Remind Me

[Intro] | E | A | 2x [Verse] E A I walk the streets of Japan till I get lost E A Cause it doesn’t remind me of anything E A With a graveyard tan carrying a cross E A Cause it doesn’t remind me of anything E A I like studying faces in a • Read More »

Audioslave – Show Me How To Live

Intro : D5 E5 (4 times) E5 (4 times) E5 And with the early dawn A5 Moving right along E5 I couldn’t buy an eyeful of sleep E5 And in the aching night A5 Under satellites E5 I was not received E5 Build with stolen parts A5 A telephone in my heart E5 Someone get • Read More »

Audioslave – Like A Stone

Am G On a cobweb afternoon E F In a room full of emptiness Am G By a freeway I confess E F I was lost in the pages Am G Of a book full of death E F Reading how we’ll die alone Am G And if we’re good we’ll lay to rest E • Read More »

Audioslave – Getaway Car

F The first time I saw you Am F You were chasing down a cyclone Am All alone in a field F Am With rail yards and clovers F I kept rolling on and never though Am You’d wind up chasing me (chorus) C F Em Well settle down, I won’t hesitate Dm To hit • Read More »

Audioslave – Be Yourself

intro : Bm G 2x Bm D G Em 2x verse : Bm D Someone falls to pieces G sleepin all alone Em Bm someone kills the pain D spinning in the silence G Em to finally drift away Bm D someone gets excited G in a chapel yard Em Bm catches a bouquet D • Read More »